Networking UPDATE: Mobile & Wireless Edition--July 16, 2003

1. Mobile & Wireless Perspectives - Exploring Windows Mobile 2003

2. Announcements - Exchange 2003: Do You Plan to Migrate or Wait? - Get the eBook That Will Help You Get Certified!

3. Instant Poll - Results of Previous Poll: Wireless Email Solution Time Line - New Instant Poll: Which Wireless Platform?

4. Event - Assessing Security Risks in Exchange 2003

5. New and Improved - Ensure Optimal Network Performance from Anywhere - Create Data-Driven Applications for Smartphone Devices - Submit Top Product Ideas

6. Contact Us - See this section for a list of ways to contact us.


==== 1. Mobile & Wireless Perspectives ==== by Steve Milroy, [email protected]

Exploring Windows Mobile 2003 In the July 2 edition of Networking UPDATE: Mobile & Wireless Edition ( ), John D. Ruley introduced Windows Mobile 2003 for the Pocket PC. I've been using this new OS for more than 2 months, so I want to share my experiences with you. Windows Mobile's benefits fall into three categories: It offers a better wireless experience, it's a terrific PDA for email and messaging, and it provides an expanded digital media experience. (For a general overview of Windows Mobile, visit .) I can vouch for the better wireless experience. My General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)-enabled device now stays connected all day and automatically reconnects if it's disconnected. This improved connectivity gives my device similar functionality to that of Research In Motion's (RIM's) BlackBerry device. Setting up the GPRS connection and any relevant VPN connections is now highly simplified, with easy click-and-connect functionality. The impressive Wi-Fi features let me auto-detect and connect to wireless LANs (WLANs), giving me WLAN functionality that rivals that of Windows XP. Connections also seem to be more reliable, rarely failing to connect and handling errors more effectively, followed by typically successful attempts to reconnect. The messaging functionality is terrific. My email is configured to synchronize every 5 minutes with my Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox through Server ActiveSync. I've set my device to vibrate when new mail arrives. Additionally, I've set the 5-minute interval for only peak hours (9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.); during off-peak hours, the device synchronizes every hour. I've found that data usage within these scenarios averages about 1MB per day. If I want to reduce data consumption, I can reduce not only the synchronization frequency but also the amount of each email message that gets synchronized to the device. By default, the first 0.5KB of each message gets downloaded. Another feature that I've grown to truly appreciate is the built-in MSN Messenger. Thanks to sheer email fatigue, I've begun using Instant Messaging (IM) more in recent months. I can set MSN Messenger in Windows Mobile to permit single sign-on (SSO) functionality after I establish a wireless connection, so I can stay logged onto MSN Messenger. If someone sends me an instant message, the device beeps and I can begin a chat session. Overall, MSN Messenger provides an improved messaging experience. Recently, I've also begun to use the new digital media tools--in particular, the Microsoft Plus! Sync & Go tool that's part of the Plus! Digital Media Edition for XP. This application lets me select the audio and video media channels that I want to receive. Then, when I connect to my laptop through ActiveSync, the media content automatically goes to my device's storage card. I can then listen to music and view the latest news while I'm on the go. For example, I subscribe to the "Today Show" channel. This morning, when I connected my Windows Mobile device, Sync and Go downloaded key show segments to my Pocket PC device. While out of the office, I watched the segments, which boasted above-average video/audio quality. Windows Mobile offers great improvements that can benefit any mobile user. Next time, I'll look at some statistics regarding the growth of the Pocket PC platform and Windows Mobile.

==== 2. Announcements ==== (from Windows & .NET Magazine and its partners)

Exchange 2003: Do You Plan to Migrate or Wait? Windows & .NET Magazine and Aelita Software would like to know about your organization's plans to migrate to Exchange Server 2003. Take our brief survey, "Windows & .NET Magazine: The State of Exchange Migration," and sign up to receive a free white paper titled, "Upgrade or Migrate? Deployment Options for Exchange 2000/2003." Give us your feedback today!

Get the eBook That Will Help You Get Certified! The "Insider's Guide to IT Certification," from the Windows & .NET Magazine Network, has one goal: to help you save time and money on your quest for certification. Find out how to choose the best study guides, save hundreds of dollars, and be successful as an IT professional. The amount of time you spend reading this book will be more than made up by the time you save preparing for your certification exams. Order your copy today!

==== 3. Instant Poll ====

Results of Previous Poll: Wireless Email Solution Time Line The voting has closed in Windows & .NET Magazine's nonscientific Instant Poll for the question, "Does your organization plan to deploy a wireless email solution?" Here are the results (+/-2 percent) from the 28 votes: - 14% Evaluating - 39% Deploying now - 4% Next year - 11% In the next couple of years - 32% No interest

New Instant Poll: Which Wireless Platform? The next Instant Poll question is, "Which wireless device platform does your company support?" Go to the Windows & .NET Magazine home page and submit your vote for a) Pocket PC, b) Palm, c) Both, or d) Other.

==== 4. Event ==== (brought to you by Windows & .NET Magazine)

Assessing Security Risks in Exchange 2003 This free archived Web seminar delivers an introduction to the new security features and enhancements of Exchange Server 2003, including the new security APIs that can minimize virus risk and spam traffic. Register today!

==== 5. New and Improved ==== by Carolyn Mader, [email protected]

Ensure Optimal Network Performance from Anywhere Expand Beyond announced PocketAdmin, mobile software for remote Windows administration. PocketAdmin now bundles with PocketDBA, software for remote Microsoft SQL Server 2000 administration, and PocketAdmin Console, software for command-line management, in the Expand Beyond Mobility Suite for Microsoft (MSM). PocketAdmin for Windows lets you securely manage Active Directory (AD) objects in real time. You can manage users, groups, printers, shares, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server. For pricing, contact Expand Beyond at 800-404-4059 or [email protected]

Create Data-Driven Applications for Smartphone Devices SYWARE announced FoneDB, database software for Smartphone devices. FoneDB lets mobile operators, wireless content developers, and end users create full-color, data-driven applications for mobile phones without requiring programming knowledge. You can download or email FoneDB applications to one or more Smartphone devices. You can also transfer data between Smartphone devices and desktop PCs. FoneDB Professional Edition runs on any Windows-powered Smartphone device. The software costs $399 and includes a license to create and modify a FoneDB database, one FoneDB ODBC driver license, and a runtime license for 10 users. Contact SYWARE at 617-497-1300 or [email protected]

Submit Top Product Ideas Have you used a product that changed your IT experience by saving you time or easing your daily burden? Do you know of a terrific product that others should know about? Tell us! We want to write about the product in a future Windows & .NET Magazine What's Hot column. Send your product suggestions to [email protected]

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