Microsoft Preps Windows Mobile Marketplace for Launch

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it would open Windows Marketplace for Mobile to submissions from developers on July 27 in advance of its public launch. On this date, developers from 29 supported countries will be able to submit applications to Microsoft for possible placement in the online store, which will launch alongside Windows Mobile 6.5 in the third quarter of 2009.

"We're working hard to create a new experience for mobile users and developers alike, where users can easily discover and confidently purchase and download applications for work, life, or play and developers feel good about the submission process and are able to reach a new market for their mobile applications," Microsoft Senior Director Todd Brix wrote in a blog post announcing the submission date.

In addition, Brix revealed that the Windows Marketplace for Mobile would also be made available to Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 users by the end of 2009. Doing so will open the online store to an audience of more than 30 million Windows Mobile-based devices. The store will also feature a Business Center for hosting lines of business apps that will be of interest to one of the Windows Mobile core markets.

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