Microsoft Eases Frustrations in Second Weekend of Surface Pro Sales

Microsoft Eases Frustrations in Second Weekend of Surface Pro Sales

With a frustrating launch weekend behind it, Microsoft faced the second weekend of Surface with Windows 8 Pro sales in the United States and Canada with much broader distribution and far more units to sell. And it appears to have caught up with demand, even of the eagerly-sought-after 128GB version of the device.

Please refer to "Surface Pro Delights, Disappoints at Launch" and "Microsoft Promises to Address Surface Pro Supply Issues This Week" for more details about the opening launch weekend for Surface Pro.

“We are excited by the demand for Surface Pro and continue to work around the clock to meet that demand with production and get new inventory into retail,” a statement attributed to the Surface team reads.

On Saturday, Microsoft opened up a new reservation system for its 128GB Surface Pro tablet. Customers who ordered the device before the inventory depletes a second time will receive it before March 1, Microsoft says. And unlike on the opening weekend, customers who visited the Microsoft Store online were able to do just that: The 128GB Surface Pro remained in stock throughout the weekend.

A trusted source at Microsoft tells me that inventory levels for this second round of sales were much higher than what was available for the launch. But the second (expected) pending inventory depletion could take us well into March, especially for 128GB units.

Of course, Microsoft Store isn’t the only place to purchase the Surface Pro, and Microsoft also addressed supply issues at its retailer partners. It said that “many Best Buy stores” in the United States had Surface Pro units for sale in stores over the weekend and that those locations that do not will let customers reserve one. Staples, meanwhile, is getting only 64GB Surface Pro units for some reason, and those stores that don’t have them in stock will let you order one online.

In Canada, things are still a bit more problematic. Customers can reserve only 64GB Surface Pro devices at this time, at Best Buy and Future Shop, and Staples has some stock online only. There are apparently no 128GB Surface Pros available in Canada at this time, and Microsoft says there are more details to come on 128GB Surface Pro availability in Canada.

Of course, even Canada has it good by some standards. Microsoft has yet to announce international availability of Surface Pro at all. 

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