Laptop/Notebook Computer - 09 Sep 2003

After winning in three other categories, Dell won the Readers' Choice award for Best Laptop/Notebook Computer with its Latitude line of notebooks. "Dell's power, performance, ruggedness, and hardware interface combine to create a best-of-class laptop," reader Tony Montby said.

Latitude systems offer a smaller, lighter chassis to accommodate thinner, lighter modules; use common components to support system compatibility; and promote ease of use with their uniform port and media bay layout. The notebooks are available with wireless LAN (WLAN) capabilities and are configurable with Dell TrueMobile wireless networking solutions.

Latitude emphasizes networkability, image and hardware stability, and total cost of ownership (TCO) by supplying systems that are upgradeable and affordable throughout the product lifecycle. Latitude notebooks incorporate industry-standard technologies that let you standardize on a family of notebooks within your organization.

Round Rock, Texas
Typical configurations start at $999
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