JSI Tip 8350. How can I troubleshoot wireless connection events in Windows XP SP2?

One of my laptops would occassionally display a Notification Area pop-up on the wireless network connection icon that read:

Wireless Network Connection is now connected.

I could find no reason, since it had been connected for days, ever since it was booted.

To troubleshoot the event:

1. I opened a CMD.EXE window.

2. I typed netsh ras set tracing * enable and pressed Enter. This enabled tracing in the %SystemRoot%\Tracing\Wzcdlg.log and %SystemRoot%\Tracing\Wzctrace.log files.

3. Hours later, I was able to search the %SystemRoot%\Tracing\Wzcdlg.log file for NCES_CONNECTED. The following line showed the SSID of the network the laptop was connected to, and I was able to determine I had an intermittent hardware problem.

4. To stop the logging, I typed netsh ras set tracing * disable and pressed Enter.

NOTE: The %SystemRoot%\Tracing\Wzctrace.log file grows very rapidly.

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