iPhone Heading to Wal-Mart

Apple's best-selling iPhone smart phone will soon be available at Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the United States. However, it will sell for roughly the same price as it does at Apple and AT&T stores, as well as Best Buy--about $200 for the starter model--and not be heavily discounted as originally rumored.

The iPhone is currently available in two versions, a model with 8 GB of RAM that sells for $200, and a model with 16 GB that sells for $300. (Both require a two year contract with AT&T Wireless that costs consumers upwards of $85 a month as well.) According to rumors, Apple would offer Wal-Mart customers a special new low-end version of the iPhone with 4 GB of RAM that would sell for $99. But that is apparently not happening.

Numerous employees from Wal-Mart have leaked the company's plans to begin selling the iPhone by the end of December, but it's unclear when the official launch date is. However, December 15 is the most likely candidate, according to a report in Bloomberg.

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