iPAQ Bugs and Patches

Even outstanding products have bugs. Compaq has acknowledged a bug in the backlight on its iPAQ 38xx devices. If the unit is turned off for several hours, the backlight might not function when you turn the device back on. Resetting the device typically solves the problem in the short term, but the problem will likely recur. Compaq is working on the bug but hasn't yet offered a patch.

Compaq does have a patch for bugs in the Bluetooth Services Manager for all iPAQ H3xxx devices. Version 1.1, which you can download here, reduces startup time, improves reliability, and fixes many compatibility problems.

Where can you find up-to-date information about bugs and patches? Besides reading Mobile & Wireless UPDATE, iPAQ users (and IT departments that support them) should periodically browse Compaq's iPAQ support site. Select your iPAQ model, then select the Reference Library link. You'll see a list of the most recent service notifications and a list of related documents.

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