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Industry Bytes: Cortado Corporate Server 5.3 Provides Enterprise Access for Smartphones and Tablets

At this past VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, Jeff James and I met with Henning Volker President and CEO of Cortado to discuss the latest improvements in Cortado Corporate server 5.3. Cortado Corporate Server 5.3 enables you to integrate smartphones and tablets like the iPad into your corporate IT infrastructure. If the Corado name seems unfamiliar you might know them better as ThinPrint. In August of 2011 ThinPrint, which was known for its VDI and mobile device printing solutions, was renamed to Cortado and the focus of the company has expanded beyond printing to connecting mobile devices to all types of corporate assets including files, databases, and printing.

There are two components to Cortado Corporate Server 5.3. A server application that is connected to your corporate infrastructure and an App that runs on your mobile device. Unlike other mobile management solutions Cortado isn’t implemented as simple RDP connection which isn’t optimized for running on a mobile device. Instead, Cortado is implemented as a native App giving it seamless integration with the device. Some of the new features in the Cortado Corporate Server 5.3 release include management for mobile profiles, a secure Exchange connection, remote administration, automatic data synchronization, multi-device support, printing over HTTPS and support for iOS encryption. In addition, the Cortado Corporate Server provides the administrator with granular control of end-user device rights and security. You can find more information about the Cortado Corporate Server 5.3 at: http://www.cortado.com/euen/Home.aspx

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