How can I get an event to appear as Free in Organizer's calendar, so that the day isn't filled with this one appointment, but Busy on my Pocket PC calendar?

A. First, ensure that you mark reoccurring events (e.g., holidays) as Free in Organizer's "Show time as" section. Second, mark the same events as Busy in the appointment's Status section on the Pocket PC. Both the "Show time as" and Status sections have the same choices (i.e., Free, Tentative, Busy, Out of office) and correspond with each other upon synchronization. However, if you make changes to a reoccurring event in the order above (i.e., first in Organizer and then on the Pocket PC), the event will keep its different settings (e.g., Free and Busy) after synchronization. The event will appear as a banner on the Pocket PC calendar with the day's appointments clear. Be aware that this procedure doesn't work for events that occur only once: The "Show time as:" and Status sections will synchronize to the same setting.

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