Handheld Gamers: Get Ready to Be Puzzled

Majesco Sales announced plans to publish "Bookworm" and "Bejeweled," two of the Internet's most downloaded games, for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. Both titles are scheduled for release this year.

In "Bookworm," players must feed Lex, the lovable, hungry bookworm, by connecting adjacent tiles to complete words for him to eat. Larger words award more points than smaller words, and special letter tiles award bonus points. However, players must watch out for fire tiles—if they burn to the bottom of the letter library, the game is over. Web-game powerhouse PopCap Games invented "Bookworm," which approximately 5 million people play each month on gaming sites. The Game Boy Advance version is planned for release in February.

Later this year, Majesco will release "Bejeweled," another PopCap Games title. In "Bejeweled," players swap two adjacent jewels to line up three or more of the same jewel type horizontally or vertically. The game is simple but addictive; gamers continue playing until no moves are left to make. An average of more than 6 million people play the online Java version of "Bejeweled" each month.

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