Google Releases Android 1.6

Google has released Android 1.6, the latest update that has been commonly referred to as "Donut." (As you might recall, 1.5 was code-named "Cupcake.")

Here's a quick summary of the new features in 1.6:

  • Developers can specify the types of screen sizes to be supported
  • Support for CDMA
  • Quick Search box lets you make searches from the home screen. You can choose what types of content you want the quick search box to find--websites, contacts, apps, etc. You can also have it show local results based on what you type.
  • Text to speech API so you can type a text string and have it spoken to someone else, even in a different language.
  • Enhancements to how the app store is organized, by category and price, with easy access to screenshots and user comments.

Android 1.6 is available to users of existing Android phones, such as the T-Mobile G1 or G2. And of course, the new update will also be available on all of the upcoming Android phones, such as the Motorola CLIQ . (Here's a full list of Android phones that are available and upcoming.)

Below is the video which summarizes the new release (my bullet points were just a summary of the video).

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