Exploring X10 Technology

You can buy X10 products from several sources. One source is X10.com. The X10.com Web site smacks of snake-oil salesmen; the home page always has a deal or two that's "good only until midnight" but seems to be there the next day. Despite the high-pressure sales tactics, some of the products X10.com offers can be a genuinely good deal. But you can find X10-compatible products elsewhere as well. You can buy them at RadioShack under the Plug and Power brand; IBM has its Home Director series; and RCA sells several X10-compatible universal remote controls and receivers. Several Web sites sell compatible equipment. The majority of the items are the same products made in the same factory but with different brand names and prices. Here are X10 components you might consider for various stages of home automation:

Getting Started

PC interface (CM-11a)
Remote control
Plug-in lamp and appliance modules
Motion detectors

Getting Serious

Wired-in X10 wall switches and outlets
Signal bridge or repeater

Ultimate Automation

Automated thermostats
Integrated security system

Sources of Home Automation Information
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