Cutting the Cords: Wireless In-Home Networks on the Rise

According to the Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA's) eBrain Market Research team, consumers who have switched to in-home wireless networks—approximately 7 million US homes—are happy they cut the cords. Eighty-three percent of those who have installed a wireless network are satisfied with their networks, and 12.4 million consumers plan to go wireless in the next year, CEA said. Consumers say the advantages of a wireless in-home network include shared high-speed Internet access and the mobility of going cordless. However, consumers still have doubts, especially about network security. In-home Wi-Fi owners question the security of their networks, with 48 percent of network owners unsatisfied with security. Forty percent of owners are either not sure how their network is protected or not protected at all. CEA's Director of Industry Analysis Sean Wargo said he thinks that security is a matter of education. "Once consumers learn more about the benefits of wireless networks and how to meet security concerns to protect their privacy," he said, "I would expect a surge of interest in wireless networks and all forms of Wi-Fi applications."

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