Best Buy to Sell iPhone

Starting September 7, Best Buy retail locations in the US will begin selling Apple's popular and innovative iPhone 3G smart phone. This announcement makes Best Buy the first retailer outside of Apple and its AT&T wireless partner to offer the iPhone to consumers.

Best Buy credits its burgeoning relationship with Apple as the impetus for the deal: The retailer has created many Apple stores-within-a-store inside of its enormous locations. Best Buy also recently completed a massive overhaul of its cell-phone departments because of heightened demand for the mobile devices. The retailer also has dedicated Best Buy Mobile locations, and sells almost 4 percent of all cell phones in the US.

The news is seen as a boon for those waiting to get Apple's much sought after phone, which is still in short supply over a month after its initial launch. Those who would like to buy one sooner are advised to visit a local AT&T Wireless location: There's a 7 to 10 day wait, but they can at least order the devices.

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