Add a Mapped Drive to SkyDrive on a Windows RT Device

Add a Mapped Drive to SkyDrive on a Windows RT Device

Q: How can I add a drive in Explorer to SkyDrive on a Surface or other Windows RT device?

A: Although Windows RT has a SkyDrive Metro application, it's not possible to see SkyDrive content from the Windows RT desktop. Fortunately, it's easy to add a shortcut by using the process below.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to
  2. Once logged in, right-click the Files menu item and select Copy Shortcut.
    SkyDrive Folder

  3. This will give a shortcut in this format:
    You care about the part after cid=, e.g., 123456789ABCDEFG, which is your CID value. We will need this later.
  4. Open Explorer on the Windows RT device and select Computer in the navigation pane; in the Computer tab of the ribbon select Map network drive.
  5. For the path enter the following:, e.g.
  6. Click Finish; you will need to enter your SkyDrive login account and password and select to remember credentials.

You will now have a mapped drive to SkyDrive.

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