Vesta taps Jibe to broaden mobile payments

Vesta taps Jibe to broaden mobile payments

Jibe Mobile and Vesta have linked up to launch a more flexible approach to mobile payment apps for mobile operators. The solution is being demonstrated at this week’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain.

Vesta, a longtime player in electronic payment services, will add the Jibe’s App to App platform to let operators enable payments through user prepaid accounts, as well provide as a bill payment functionality. Jibe’s app also allows peer-to-peer purchases between subscribers.

Jibe’s development environment lets operators and developers customize payment apps to fit their needs, according to the company. Payment apps on the Vesta platform can be created to maintain compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices and created to suit unique payment requirements. 

Vesta’s established platform adds the fraud and loss prevention functionality both subscribers and operators demand, the companies said. 

The crowds at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona likely won’t have to venture far without encountering another alternative approach to mobile payments. The wide range of available solutions is important, and operators likely will be evaluating and deploying multiple approaches to suit the varying needs of their customers. Developers in the mobile payments space should pay particular attention to flexibility in the creation of their payment apps, as well as to the security requirements of providers.


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