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T-Mobile Moves HSPA+ Deployment Forward

T-Mobile is being anything but shy when it comes to pointing out what it believes is its lead in delivering 4G mobile broadband services.

The operator called out the weaknesses of its rival’s networks this week while emphasizing its own strengths. It also laid out its upgrade strategy that it says will give it the 4G network of choice in the market. Driving the roll-out is so-called HSPA+ technology that will deliver a theoretical capacity of 42 MB/s of bandwidth.

According to Connected Planet:

T-Mobile is rolling the upgrade out across the U.S. throughout 2011 and expects to have 140 million pops covered with the enhanced speeds by mid-year. T-Mobile will offer its first 42 Mb/s USB modem in the second quarter, followed by several other devices in the second half of the year. Even without the network upgrade, though, T-Mobile’s current HSPA+ network has already surpassed its competitors in many metrics, T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm said.

“We were late to the mobile broadband race, but T-Mobile turned out to be the winner of that race,” Humm said. “T-Mobile has clearly the largest 4G footprint in the U.S.”

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