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Securing Your Software for the Mobile Application Market

Securing Your Software For The Mobile Application Market.pdf

Thanks to recent innovations in the mobile device industry, demand for mobile applications has soared. In fact, consumers have already downloaded billions of applications for mobile devices, and industry reports point to ongoing rapid growth in the mobile apps market.

At the same time, malware continues to infect sites at an explosive rate. Mobile application developers need to secure their code and content to protect the integrity of their software and the reputation of their business. Similarly, consumers need assurances that the latest cool game or productivity application that they are downloading to their mobile device is coming from a trusted source and has not been tampered with during transit.

This business guide discusses how the latest code signing technology works to secure software code and content for applications that are directly downloaded to mobile devices from the Internet. These applications can come either from the software publisher’s or application reseller’s websites, or directly from the mobile service provider’s network. The guide also shows why code signing platforms need to be flexible, scalable, user-friendly, and easily adaptable to different mobile operating platforms.

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