Mobilewalla Launches App Ranking System

Mobilewalla Launches App Ranking System

The startup Mobilewalla has applied search engine technology to the app discovery process, launching a new tool designed to help raise the profile of apps that aren’t regular staples on the favorites pages.

The platform features a rating and ranking system that Mobilewalla claims to include “every mobile app in every category available on Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 app stores.” Developers are also ranked as part of the platform.

Mobilewalla rates “attractiveness” of apps based on factors like in-store rank, consumer reaction and the volume and sentiment of social media conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, as well as on price. It breaks down apps into categories: New Apps, Hot Apps, Fast Movers, Star Developers, All Time Greats and Clash of the Titans, which pits the major app stores up against one another (presumably to highlight their limitations).

The Wall Street Journal quotes Mobilewalla founder Anindya Datta as saying his creation is meant to address app store fragmentation:

The goal of Mobilewalla is to provide objective criteria by which users can discover new apps. The site ranks each app 1-100 based on 114 different variables, including a developer’s past success. “A developer who has been successful is likely to be successful again,” Datta said.

But Mobilewalla is entering a crowded space that is already fairly confusing to a lot of consumers, some of whom may not even realize that there are so-called independent app stores like GetJar that offer a broader array of apps than their mobile service providers’ may. The challenge for Mobilewalla will be to stand out, and for developers to come to see the engine as another important outlet for their creations. 


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