MEDL Mobile seeks developer unity

MEDL Mobile seeks developer unity

MEDL Mobile, a mobile app developer and a self-described “incubator” for app development, has launched a new initiative intended to create a network of independent developers.

Through its MEDL Mobile Alliance, the company will acquire “thousands” of apps from developers, but after the acquisition continue to pay a portion of the profits to the original developer. MEDL Mobile said its intent is to help bootstrapped developers speed their creations to market by putting additional resources and reach behind them.

The alliance will focus on both iPhone and iPad apps and apps developed for Android devices. MEDL plans to use its expertise to help developers better monetize their apps by recruiting sponsors, in addition to methods like in-app purchasing and download fees. MEDL has already worked with major brands on app development, including, Teleflora, Kaiser Permanente, Emirates Airlines and Focus Features.

While the initiative certainly will be a boon for MEDL Mobile, providing it finds developers willing to fork over their apps, some developers may be a bit leery about the terms and view it as a way for MEDL to accrue apps less expensively. But for small app developers that need the resources, the alliance could be useful if MEDL’s terms are fair.



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