How to Get the Build 2016 Mobile Apps for Each Supported Platform

How to Get the Build 2016 Mobile Apps for Each Supported Platform

Build 2016 is just around the corner with attendees starting their trek to the San Francisco area today. Some have already arrived and are enjoying the mid 60-degree weather which should continue throughout the week.

There’s lots to expect this week, including hearing Microsoft’s latest pitches for developing for Windows 10 devices, PCs, and possibly even mobile phones. One of the more anticipated and most expected discussions, though, is around the push to entice developers deliver cross-platform solutions that tie directly back to Microsoft’s Cloud-based products. The results should be interesting. Last year, Microsoft spent much of the week laying out strategy. Now, that a year has passed we’ll be able to check the progress of the strategy and determine where the company needs to make changes to succeed.

For those in attendance wanting to keep up on event news, manage the week’s schedule, locate areas by map, or even follow social conversations, the Build 2016 apps are now available for download and installation. Keeping with the cross-platform theme, the app is available on Windows, Android, and iOS. Here’s the links:

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