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Developer Report: Top Social Media and HTML5 Considerations for Mobile App Success

A1 - Developer Report Top Social Media and HTML5 Considerations for Mobile App Success.pdf

Mobile app technology is advancing at what feels like a breakneck pace, with new “must have” features and functionality evolving almost daily. In order to succeed in the mobile space, businesses and developers need to stay at the forefront of trends—or get dominated by the competition.

Find out about two of the hottest topics surrounding mobile app development right now—social media and HTML5. In a recent developer survey report from IDC and Appcelerator, you’ll learn why social media is a critical component for user engagement and content distribution, and why HTML5 could be the key to building richer, more dynamic and more user-friendly app experiences. Plus, learn what 2,100 experts closest to mobile innovation think about the future of social media and the role of HTML5—and compare their predictions to your own strategies.

Download the report and learn:

  •  Why 79% of surveyed developers plan to use HTML5 in app creation this year
  •  Why 39% of developers believe Google’s assets are more important to their social media strategies than Facebook
  • Which cloud-based technologies could be most effective and most frequently added to new apps
  • Which phase of the mobile development strategy lifecycle most developers feel they’re in—and what this means for the app marketplace
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