AT&T opens mobile app Foundry

AT&T opens mobile app Foundry

AT&T has opened its new AT&T Foundry innovation center in Plano, Texas, part of its push to support developers looking to create new applications for the service provider’s platforms.

The facility is part of the AT&T Developer Program. At the Plano center, developers can gain access to AT&T network capabilities and test beds, as well as technology experts and project coaches. The Plano facility is an LTE test environment and provides connectivity to AT&T Labs and, eventually, the other innovation centers. Developers can participate in “tracks” to help them develop solutions for areas such as telemedicine and advanced check-in and location-based apps.

A blog post in the Dallas Morning News describes the AT&T Foundry in Plano this way:

The Plano office is a very slick facility. It's got little wooden discs plastered on the walls in the entrance showing the thousand or so patents AT&T has amassed \\[and\\] large glass panels with touchscreen displays created by ceiling-based video projectors…Inside the work space, it’s all touchscreen displays and digital whiteboards and mobile workstations for collaborative development.

The Plano center is the first of three AT&T plans to open. The company plans to open one in Palo Alto, Calif. and one in Ra’anana, Israel later this year.


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