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Apple Still Leads In Mobile App Installs

Rivals may be nipping at its heels, but the Apple iPhone this holiday season still held a significant lead in mobile app installs, at least according to movie app provider Flixster.

Flixster said its application was installed on more than a million mobile devices over the week of Christmas, with 51 percent of those installs on the iPhone, 30.1 percent on Android, 10.5 percent on iPad, 7.9 percent on Blackberry and 0.5 percent on Windows Mobile Phone.

Connected Planet has additional details:

While Apple (iPhone plus iPad) held an almost 2-to-1 app lead over Android, this looks like more evidence that both platforms are commanding developer attention. As for other devices, the picture gets a bit less clear, with RIM logging at least some level of app downloads/usage while Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, just out of the starting gate, has its work cut out for itself.

Let 2011 begin in the mobile app/OS wars.

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