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Adknowledge, Ansca Mobile link to help developers monetize apps

Advertising network operator Adknowledge has partnered with Ansca Mobile—creator of the Corona SDK mobile development platform—to help iOS and Android developers develop and monetize apps and games.

The companies’ goal is to make deployment across multiple platforms faster, said Chris Smutny, general manager of Adknowledge Super Rewards.

“The solution allows developers to build once and deploy native applications across the iOS and Android platforms,” Smutny said. “Without Corona, developers would have to learn Objective C for iOS and Java for Android. The Corona SDK simplifies all of this by bringing it together under one roof. Using different code bases takes a lot of time and effort. The Corona SDK cuts down the development time by creating an integrated solution, which frees developers to focus their time on building great games.”

The advantages for developers go beyond speed to market, Smutny said. The platform also addresses monetization of apps.

“Ansca has taken its development platform and integrated Adknowledge’s monetization platform. This allows game developers to monetize their games using a broad range of options, including direct payment options and virtual currency,” Smutny said. “This monetization functionality can be implemented using one single line of code, which makes it simple.”

A demo of the capability is available at on Ansca Mobile’s blog.

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