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Migrating or Piloting: A Tool to Get Started in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Migrating or Piloting: A Tool to Get Started in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Metalogix announced Content Matrix Migration Express today. With it, SharePoint admins can choose to migrate smaller projects or departmental implementations to SharePoint 2013 or Office 365. The new product is available as a free offering for 25GB along with additional small and departmental editions priced and able to be purchased online from Metalogix.

Metalogix Content Matrix Express Console
Figure 1: Metalogix Content Matrix Migration Express Console

“We want to make the migration and deployment of SharePoint a no-brainer,” said Steven Murphy, CEO Metalogix. “It’s migration in a box.” Content Matrix Migration Express requires no server-side install and, beyond the free offering, is priced incrementally by gigabytes of content.

Many organizations aren’t yet moving everything over to SharePoint 2013 but are considering migrating projects or still working in the evaluation phase. With Content Matrix Migration Express, Murphy said, an organization can get started immediately, without a lengthy approval process.

“The real work, of course, starts then—how you organize, optimize content databases, and protect data. And then you can upgrade to Metalogix’s full migration suite,” Murphy added.

Metalogix Content Matrix Express Configure Site Copy
Figure 2: Metalogix Content Matrix Migration Express Copy Site Options

The solution offers piloting benefits, too, said Jignesh Shah, Metalogix chief strategy and marketing officer. “One of the biggest hurdles to showing the value of SharePoint 2013 is, it’s experiential. It’s best to show SharePoint in action. You download it, use it to pilot 2013 or Office 365.”

Content Matrix Migration Express lets you migrate 25GB of content for free, 50GB for $1,995, and up; for more than 200GB, request a quote. To learn more, visit Metalogix.

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