Migrating to BPOS-D

Metalogix SharePoint Site Migration Manager now is Microsoft-certified to support BPOS-D, allowing customers to migrate legacy and SharePoint content to the cloud. BPOS-D is the Microsoft Online Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS-D) dedicated cloud environment for organizations that want a hosted SharePoint and Exchange environment with a higher level of isolation, security, and control.  “BPOS-D is heavily a SharePoint market—we’ve already moved over 20 terabytes,” says Metalogix CEO Steven Murphy.

Metalogix provides a four-step process, starting with high level design, moving to a code analysis framework, then a pre-production environment installation, then a production environment installation. It also provides reorganization of that data, an important concept, Murphy says. “We’re seeing people buy our solution to manage data, not just to migrate."

Site Migration Manager lets you migrate SharePoint sites, lists, and libraries between servers with full fidelity. It lets you upgrade from SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to BPOS-D and migrate from SharePoint 2007 on-premises to BPOS-D, while also reorganizing your content. It also already supports the standard BPOS. Site Migration Manager for BPOS-D starts at 10K to 15K and scales up from there, on SAS or perpetual license based on user or capacity.  To learn more, see the Metalogix website.

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