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Hardware, Software, and Services Showcase Following #MicrosoftEDU Event in NYC


In New York City today, Microsoft held an event that highlighted the companies education focus across its software, hardware, and services ecosystems.

Immediately following that 90 minute keynote, which we live tweeted, they invited everyone in attendance to head downstairs to see the various elements of the keynote in action.

There were stations with a wide variety of OEM devices running Windows 10 S, a STEM station to show how various STEM related activities benefits from Windows 10, opportunities to explore 3D creation using Paint 3D, a slimmed down demo of the HoloLens Galaxy Viewer app, Office 365 and its suite of software, and of course plenty of Surface hardware on display including the newly announced Surface Laptop.

Microsoft employees were available across the entire showcase floor to answer questions and provide hands on demos.

I made my way around the floor and grabbed this collection of images so you can see the various opportunities that were available to check out the hardware and software. Some of the STEM and project kits were very interesting as you will see in the gallery.

So hopefully, this will give you an idea of what one of these showcases is like and if you have any questions just let me know in the comments below.


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