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Microsoft will soon unveil free virus software

So this puts me in an awkward spot. I can't really discuss this too much further at the moment, but since Reuters dropped the ball

* Microsoft getting ready to unveil free anti-virus service

* Software maker says will soon put beta version on website

* Company employees testing it internally

Microsoft Corp is getting ready to unveil a long-anticipated free anti-virus service for PCs that will compete with products sold by Symantec Corp and McAfee Inc.

A Microsoft spokesman said on Wednesday that the world's biggest software maker is now testing an early version of the product with its own employees and that it will "soon" make a trial version available via its website.

Microsoft has said that it will only include basic features for fighting viruses, which would likely make it comparable to the least-expensive products sold by Symantec and McAfee.

So, one might reasonably expect me to be on top of this and ready to publish shots/info whenever Microsoft goes public with it. Let's just say it wasn't supposed to be today. And still isn't, until I hear otherwise. More info when possible...

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