Worksoft Certify and Worksoft Specify Support Visual Studio 2005

Worksoft Certify and Worksoft Specify Support Visual Studio 2005

Worksoft announced support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, as well as its induction into the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program. Both Worksoft Certify, the company s flagship automated software testing solution, and Worksoft Specify, a data generation application designed to meet key requirements for software testing, support Visual Studio 2005.

 Worksoft offers solutions for functional testing, where the goal is to test the application under operational circumstances that are identical or as close as possible to the installation environment, with relevant input data generating expected output data.

 The combined use of Specify and Certify provides a pre-built testing framework with a point-and-click interface that guides business analysts, subject matter experts, and quality assurance personnel through a structured process with minimal training. Certify supports software documentation and automation in one step, eliminating coding and scripting and reducing the time and cost of test automation. When used in conjunction with Specify, Certify will generate automated tests through the user interface of the application instead of directly into the database, removing data integrity concerns and the need for write access to databases. Specify also includes the ability to automatically generate test data to speed time-to-market and/or scramble production data to comply with rising privacy and security mandates.


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