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Windows Dev Center Updates for August 2016

Windows Dev Center Updates for August 2016

We all know that Microsoft is constantly updating, upgrading and enhancing the features of their products and services.

They have in fact, for better or worse, embraced the idea of delivering their offerings at a steady pace instead of every year for major updates.

One of those areas is their web based portal for developers, the Windows Dev Center, where they shared all of the updates that were delivered during the month of August.

  • Submit apps and games to Xbox One
  • Reduce the risk of a new app release with gradual package rollout
  • Communicate optional and required hardware preferences
  • Ensure customers have an ideal experience with your app or game through mandatory updates
  • Simplify cross-device development with Store–managed consumables
  • Streamline app management with the Submission API and simplified device family targeting
  • Enhance your business analysis through improved reports: lifetime add-on acquisitions, an enhanced Feedback report and the new Real time report
  • Work faster in Dev Center using the new dashboard view

The big area in those updates is opening up access to Xbox One for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Today Microsoft is hosting an App Dev on the Xbox One day online but don't worry if you missed it because it will be offered on Channel 9 for on demand replay in the near future.

The individual improvements in each of the above areas are provided in detail over on the Windows Dev Center with links to all of the appropriate pages and tools so that you can take advantage of those new features.


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