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Windows 10 Development for Beginners (Free Course)

Windows 10 Development for Beginners (Free Course)

Whether you are a beginner to Windows 10 development or just wanting to sharpen your own skills, the Ultimate Beginner Series course from Microsoft, which is taught by Bob Tabor of Learn Visual Studio will help you grasp the ins and outs of developing for Windows 10.

This online course is comprised of 80 video sessions with links to all the tools and code examples necessary to follow along and participate in the classes.

The course is divided into two main sections with the front half focusing on the various elements of Windows 10 development:

  • Intro to XAML and UWP Apps
  • Learning how to use different XAML layouts
  • App Navigation
  • XAML Styling
  • VisualStateManager and AdaptiveTriggers
  • DataBinding, ObservableCollections, and DataTemplates

The second part of the course is focused on code samples and related projects to help you put all the learning into action on test projects. This allows you to try the various skills you have learned to use in a test environment.

Each project reinforces certain development practices for Windows 10:


  • Page Layout, creating models and data binding
  • Playing media with MediaElement
  • Implementing drag and drop
  • Working with app assets (iconography) and submitting to the Windows Store


  • Working with a weather API
  • Using GPS and location APIs
  • Testing location in a Windows 10 Mobile emulator
  • Updating live tiles

Album Cover Match Game

  • Access and use the device’s folder and file system
  • Layout, databinding and game setup/logic
  • Handling user input and persisting progress
  • Monetization with ads and In App Purchase

Hero Explorer

  • Accessing a Web API
  • Databinding the object graph from the Web API results
  • Displaying that data in an adaptive layout

Of course, since this is a self paced course you get to take as much or as little time as necessary to grasp the fundamentals and how to implement them in an app.

After you complete the course you can then dive into building your own UWP app for the Windows Store using all of your new found knowledge and skills.

Visit New Year, New Dev: Developing your idea into a UWP app to find all the links and other resources for this course.


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