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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Now Available; Windows Store Open to Developers

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Now Available; Windows Store Open to Developers

Today Microsoft concluded eight months of development on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and has released it to the general public using a staggered roll out via Windows Update.

The update, the second major upgrade for Windows 10 since it was first released a year ago, is immediately available for those of you with MSDN or Visual Studio subscriptions so you can get started with this final build.

Along with the release of the final code of Windows 10 Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.10) comes the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK and an invitation from Microsoft to begin submitting your apps to the updated Windows 10 Store.

Kevin Gallo, Corporate VP of Windows Developer, shared the news on the Building Apps blog:

"Today I’m pleased to announce that following the Windows 10 Anniversary Update we have released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK, build 14393 along with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. The new SDK contains more than 2700 enhancements to the Universal Windows Platform allowing you to take advantage of our fastest growing OS ever and gives you access to the latest innovations in Windows 10 which are now available in the Anniversary Update. These updated APIs make it easier than ever for you to create more natural ways of interaction, like vision, writing, and speech into your apps and experiences."

If you have been following the development of teh Anniversary Update you have probably heard about the three key enhancement areas you now have access to as a Windows developer:

  • Windows Ink: A pen is a natural choice for apps that depend on analog input, such as sketching, animation and even signature capture. Now, with just two lines of code you can bring Windows Ink into your apps through the news InkCanvas and InkToolbar controls.
  • Cortana APIs: There is no easier way to interact with your computer than to talk to it, and Cortana brings you powerful features that you can use in your own apps. With the Windows 10 Anniversary SDK you can go further than simply adding voice controls to your apps, now with Cortana Actions you can drive increased user engagement by registering actions with Cortana that she will use to connect users to your apps at just the right time.
  • Windows Hello: Biometric authentication brings the magic of vision to apps and now with the Windows 10 Anniversary SDK, web developers can use Windows Hello in Edge to authenticate users with just a glance.

You can learn more about these new API in the updated SDK for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

As of today you can now submit new and updated apps built using the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK plus you can also send in apps that were built using the Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial).

Microsoft is still putting together the tools to get your converted desktop apps into the Windows Store but in the interim they want to work directly with you to get those converted apps into the Store. Just contact them to begin that process.

The last item to mention is that Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps can now make their way into the Windows Store on Xbox One. More details will be available in a few weeks on that process.

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