VS.NET debugger does not stop @breakpoints

I recently faced a vexing problem when I migrated a web application to VS.NET 2003. Googling this issue generated any similar hits with some recommendations one of which worked but was tedious.

I found another solution that is easy and worked. I am documenting both solutions below.

Problem : Web application would simply not debug, would not stop at any of the breakpoints.

Solution 1 : Goole groups suggested while debugging attach to asp_netwp.exe. This solved the problem but is tedious as we have to attach everytime we debug

Solution 2 :

  • Right click on project properties
  • Click on Debugging under Configuration properties
  • Ensure that “Enable ASP.NET Debugging“ is set to true. For some reason, this was defaulted to false probably when the project was migrated

That's it !!. Hope it helps



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