Visual Studio 2015 Final Released to Web

Visual Studio 2015 Final Released to Web

Today Microsoft has announced the final release of their new Visual Studio 2015 developer software which has been available in a preview program since last November.

Over the course of the last 9 months the software has gone through several preview builds and according to the team it has benefited from the largest amount of feedback they have ever received.

Before we go any further about the Visual Studio 2015 update there is one cautionary note from Microsoft if you are actively developing Universal Windows Platform apps.

"The tools for Windows 10 (the SDK and the tools for Universal Windows app development) will be available on July 29th when Windows 10 is also available. To keep developing Universal Windows apps before the 29th, please keep using the Visual Studio 2015 RC release and don’t install Visual Studio 2015 RTM – it will remove the RC tools."

There is an extensive (read 1,500 words) summary over at the Visual Studio Blog that provides all the improvements that have been made to VS 2015 since development began last fall.

After catching up on all of that you can head to Visual Studio Online or MSDN Subscriber downloads to grab your copy.

In addition, there are more than 60 on demand videos on Channel 9 to learn more about VS 2015 to learn more about the software and its usage.

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