Studio Enterprise Beta Program for Visual Studio 2005

Studio Enterprise Beta Program for Visual Studio 2005

ComponentOne launched the Studio Enterprise Beta program for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The Studio Enterprise Beta program includes versions of select ComponentOne products built on Beta 2 of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. The Studio Enterprise Beta program provides current ComponentOne subscribers and select Beta program participants with an exclusive look at ComponentOne s emerging technology for Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2005.

 Studio Enterprise is a component subscription that includes over 110 components targeting all application layers, including Data, Presentation, Reporting, and Transformation. Studio Enterprise provides a complete component toolset for Windows, Web, and Mobile application development. Furthermore, this yearly subscription service provides developers with the latest components, new releases, as well as support for one full year.

 ASP.NET tools in this Beta release include: WebChart for ASP.NET, WebReport for ASP.NET, WebMenus and WebBars for ASP.NET, and PayPal for ASP.NET.

 .NET Framework-based tools in this Beta release include: FlexGrid for .NET, True DBGrid for .NET, Chart for .NET, Reports for .NET, ReportDesigner for .NET, Preview for .NET, Menus and ToolBars for .NET, List for .NET, Input for .NET, PDF for .NET, BarCode for .NET, XLS for .NET, Sizer for .NET, Zip for .NET, and Flash for .NET.

 Current Studio Enterprise subscribers have priority access to the new Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 versions of Studio Enterprise components through their online ComponentOne accounts. Visit for complete details.


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Price: See Web site.

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