SlickEdit Releases Free Gadgets for Visual Studio 2005

SlickEdit Releases Free Gadgets for Visual Studio 2005

SlickEdit announced SlickEdit Gadgets, a collection of free utilities for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 development environment.


SlickEdit Gadgets is an assortment of useful utilities to help programmers monitor, explore, and inspect the contents of their code. SlickEdit Gadgets include:

  • Editor Gadgets: Four utilities that add visual pizzazz to your editor, such as background images and wallpaper.
  • Command Spy: Monitors command execution and allows you to see exactly what commands you ve run, how many times you ve run them, and what key bindings are used to invoke those commands.
  • File Explorer: Provides an easy way to open solutions, projects, or single files in Visual Studio.
  • Data Object Analyzer: Inspects the contents of any clipboard operation, or drag-and-drop operation, from any other application.
  • SLOC Report: Provides a graphical report of the total lines of code in a file, project, or solution.


To download SlickEdit Gadgets visit Additional enhancements for Visual Studio 2005 are available in SlickEdit Tools v1.1 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.


SlickEdit Inc.

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