running dotNET components from SPS

It can be often useful to call dot NET component from asp pages. I personally have used this approach to take advantage of many of the dot NET xml features with SPS v1. The best way to run these components is from within COM+ application as you often want webDAV querys to be made under a specific account (usually administrator). The COM+ application allows you to do this. The following is a scenario where I am going to install a dot NET component thisNet.dll into a COM+ application COM1. Regsvcs /appname:COM1 thisNet.dll If the COM+ application COM1 does not exist then it will be created by default. You will need to adjust the COM+ application via component services if you want the component to run under a specific user account. The COM+ application can be accessed from component services, look for your application (COM1 in this case) right click and select properties. The application will be set to library application, rest this to server application on the activation tab. On the identity tab set the user you require to run the component under. The component should now be available to you from normal ASP pages . Often you need to refresh the component services to ensure you are looking at the latest changes.

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