Penton Media to Launch All-in-One Tech Pro Website

Penton Media, publisher of 10011 B2B publications and an infinite series of email marketing newsletters, has announced it will combine its entire line of technology publications into a single monthly Sears-catalog-esque dead tree publication and website. The new pub, which will encompass the subject areas of Windows IT professional, .NET developer, SQL Server DBA, SharePoint administrator and developer, business decision maker (BDM), mobile developer, cloud IT professional, and Paul Thurrott, with some open source platform coverage thrown in for good measure, will be called

"We've missed the heady days of 160-plus-page magazines, when we launched Windows NT Magazine back in the dotcom boom in the mid '90s," said April Sloof, editorial and strategy director for Penton's IT & Dev Group. "Combining the magazines into one big book will give our staff a psychological boost because of the positive association between size and success. It will also avoid the problem of overlapping coverage between our numerous websites."

To offset the expected sevenfold increase in postage and printing costs, Sloof announced that staff consolidation measures would also be put in place. Sloof said the change will take effect in Q4 2011.

Ami Irony
roams North America living out of her Casita Travel Trailer and blogging occasionally for DevProConnections.

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