Parasoft Announces Advanced SOA Testing Support for Visual Studio and WCF

Parasoft Announces Advanced SOA Testing Support for Visual Studio and WCF

Parasoft announced the availability of Parasoft SOAtest 5.5, which adds new testing capabilities to its comprehensive and collaborative test suite and is designed specifically to increase productivity and efficiency for development teams working in complex Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), including those working in the Microsoft .NET environment.

 SOAtest 5.5 offers full capabilities for multi-protocol environments, including Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). The latest in a series of platform support capabilities, SOAtest 5.5 allows .NET developers to exercise messages in multiple protocols, as well as the proprietary Microsoft standards. SOAtest 5.5 integrates fully with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System for Software Testers, allowing developers to share, manage, and execute SOAtest projects, receiving results directly into Microsoft Visual Studio.

 SOAtest 5.5 also delivers an automated capability to create intelligent stubs. The intelligent stubs emulate the behavior of a running system, allowing the development organization to test services in context of an application s actual behavior, not the (live) running system.

 SOAtest 5.5 is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. To learn more about Parasoft SOAtest, visit


Parasoft Corp.

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