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Microsoft UWP Toolkit Version 1.3 Released


The UWP Community Toolkit Sample App is part of the community supported toolkit that can help UWP app developers with various elements of their apps.

It contains code and examples of such items as helper functions, custom controls, and various app services that can be used inside of UWP apps for Windows 10 and across devices such as PC, Mobile, Xbox One, HoloLens, and Surface Hub.

Microsoft revealed that this latest update to the community toolkit includes contributions from 59 developers which account for 82% of the updates for this version of the toolkit.

The main toolkit is curated on GitHub and the app itself is available in the Windows Store.

In total, 16 different items have been udpated in this version of the toolkit including controls, services, animations, notifications, and accessibility.

Any features that are for a specific feature update to Windows 10 are clearly marked so you can make sure they are used in the right versions of your apps.

This gallery will give you a quick tour of the UWP Community Toolkit Sample App.


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