Kick off your Windows 10 development learning

Kick off your Windows 10 development learning

As I was browsing MSDN RSS feeds this morning I came across a post on the Secret Microsoft Communications, aka Dev School, blog by Surf4Fun a Microsoft employee since 2008 according to their profile.

In this blog post they point out some resources to get started with Windows 10 development.

Their first recommendation is to watch the 14 part Channel 9 video series A Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview

Join experts Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley as they introduce the Windows 10 developer platform, give guidance on developing Windows universal and web apps, and take a look at some of the interesting new features for developers in Windows 10.

Next, they recommend becoming a Windows Insider if you are not already in the program so you can install the latest version of Windows 10 on a device and to also grab Visual Studio 2015.

Once you have done this they recommend going back to the Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview and following along with the instructors to learn about Windows 10 and development on it.

These are terrific starting steps but the learning can continue thanks to other Microsoft tools about Windows 10 development:

- What's new in Windows 10

- Developer Community Forums (Windows Store Apps and Windows Desktop apps)

- Windows 10 Universal App Platform samples

- A First Look at Building Windows 10 Universal Apps

- Developing for the Windows 10 Device Platform

Microsoft BUILD 2015 is in just a couple of weeks where it is expected even more about the development path for Windows 10 will be revealed and discussed.

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