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Gurock Software Releases SmartInspect 3.3

Gurock Software, a provider of software development and QA tools, has released version 3.3 of its SmartInspect logging tool, which features support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0. SmartInspect's setup is integrated with Visual Studio 2010, and additionally, all SmartInspect .NET sample projects also include Visual Studio 2010 project files.

Another key improvement in version 3.3 is the new TrackMethod method, which lets developers easily trace a method's execution with only one line of code. SmartInspect's log viewer has been enhanced to help developers analyze log files and communicate with other team members—for example, by enabling opened log file name(s) to now be displayed in the SmartInspect Console.

Existing customers can download the new SmartInspect release at the Gurock Software customer portal, or you can download a trial version of SmartInspect 3.3 here.

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