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Getting ASP.NET Applications to Function Properly on Visual Studio .NET Systems

We recently installed Microsoft IIS on our Visual Studio .NET development system, but ASP.NET applications won't function on this system. IIS simply delivers the source code of the .aspx pages. What are we missing?

Windows 2000 Server systems install IIS by default, so IIS is usually present when Visual Studio .NET is installed. When IIS is present, the Visual Studio .NET installation creates several application mappings in IIS that help ASP.NET function properly. The problem you describe occurs when you install IIS after Visual Studio .NET or if you uninstall and reinstall IIS on a server that has ASP.NET enabled. You can remedy this problem by running the program aspnet__regiis.exe from a command line:

\framework\v1.0.370\aspnet_regiis.exe ­I

Afterward, you should regis-ter the ASP.NET Internet Server API (ISAPI) extensions as follows:

Regsrvr32 \%systemroot%

Note that in most cases, systemroot is winnt.

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