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Experience: Using the UWP Community Toolkit to Create Apps

Experience: Using the UWP Community Toolkit to Create Apps

The UWP Community Toolkit is an open source collection of helpers, controls, and other app related features that can help developers implement key UWP app features in their own projects.

This toolkit gets updated by members of the community on a regular basis to make sure the most updated information is available as code examples so that they can be used, modified, and implements in a developers app work.

Not only is this content hosted on GitHub for collaboration on the toolkit itself but there is also a UWP app, the UWP Community Toolkit Sample App, in the Windows Store that shows the custom controls, app services and helper functions that are available in the toolkit.

One way to understand a toolkit like this is to take in all the related documentation on GitHub and in the UWP Community Toolkit app but hearing from developers who have put this resource to work in their own successful apps can really help to deepen that clarity on its overall value.

Last week, over on the official Building Apps for Windows blog, the Windows App team interviewed two developers who talked about their own experience using the UWP Community Toolkit to build their apps.

The discussions in this article are with Hermit Dave who built the Daily Mail Online app for Windows and David Bottiau who created the TVShow Time app.

The interview ranges from how they got started with their apps development, using the UWP Community Toolkit, and their thoughts on the open source projects usefulness for building solid UWP apps.


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