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Developing for the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform

Developing for the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform

Dubbed “Windows 10 development for absolute beginners,” a new series provided by Microsoft on Channel9 provides some valuable content – even for seasoned veterans of Windows development.

With Windows 10 now in full swing and being installed on massed of new PCs daily, there’s a lot of value in understanding techniques required to develop for PCs, phones, tablets, and even on a Raspberry Pi, HoloLens, and Xbox running Windows 10 code.

The series is led by Bob Tabor of fame and walks through how to create Windows 10 app for the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Participants only need a fundamental understanding of C#.

The series is free: Windows 10 development for absolute beginners

Here's a look at the first in the series...

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