Developer Express Adds Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Developer Express Adds Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Developer Express announced the availability of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008-compatible tools across their entire product line, including their integrated development environment (IDE) productivity suite. Fully optimized for the Visual Studio 2008 environment, Developer Express technologies help enhance the developer experience by accelerating developer and team productivity via an integrated suite of developer-centric technologies.

 Today, software users are demanding more from software engineers. The pressure to deliver more features with higher quality in less time has never been greater. Furthermore, as the complexity of software systems increase, so do the challenges confronting developers. These challenges include a greater number of tedious tasks that consume precious time and can conspire to erode both creativity and productivity. The Developer Express product line for Visual Studio 2008 allows developers and managers to meet these increased demands for quality and functionality, by boosting productivity while eliminating tedium.

 Developer Express technologies allow you to create more code with fewer keystrokes, see complex software with clarity, and design applications that address the needs of customers without limits or compromise.

 All Developer Express tools can be acquired individually or as part of an annual subscription. You can obtain fully functional evaluation versions at


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