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DevConnections Crossword: January 2010

DevConnections Crossword: January 2010

Test your knowledge of the January 2010 issue of DevConnections magazine!

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  1. New event that's part of the ObjectContext in EF 4.
  2. Because REST services are not self-describing, Visual Studio can't generate this.
  3. Filter attribute used to protect against CSRF attacks.
  4. Class created by Wahlin that can be used to get to parent objects for data binding with minimal effort.
  5. Each operation that needs to be exposed over a WCF service is attributed with this.
  6. Two services types compared in how they're used to handle Silverlight 3 app communications.
  7. Tool in Microsoft Expression Blend 3 that integrates UI design and development.
  8. Binding that Silverlight requires for communications with a WCF service.
  9. Microsoft-sponsored endeavor to encourage open source .NET application development.
  10. Parameter-less filter attribute used to control access to an action method in the controller.
  11. The biggest advantage of using WCF services.
  12. Per Huckaby, Silverlight is gaining parity with this "rival."
  13. To build the ScatterView app, you need Silverlight 3 and this Microsoft product.


  1. In Workflow Services, this is invoked when a CompensableActivity completes its execution successfully.
  2. In EF 4, Beta 2, this wizard can now create a complex type from the schema of data returned by a stored procedure.
  3. Microsoft Surface control that lets users manually control UI elements.
  4. Forms-based HTTP authentication module used by ASP.NET MVC applications.
  5. An ASP.NET MVC controller can read and write from the temporary data storage, aka ____________.
  6. Long-awaited addition to the Entity Data Model in Entity Framework 4.
  7. In EF4, the EntityDataSource control now supports this new ASP.NET feature as well as POCO.
  8. Microsoft program that offers support to web developers.
  9. A workflow can be canceled either in response to an unhandled exception or through this.

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