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Dev Center: Universal Ad Campaigns Available for Universal Windows Platform Apps

Dev Center: Universal Ad Campaigns Available for Universal Windows Platform Apps

At the end of January Microsoft announced a new Promote Your App option for developers of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps in the Windows Store.

This new universal campaign opens up Microsoft sites such as,,, and Microsoft games like solitaire as targets for your ads to be shown on when you participate in the Promote Your App program.

There is a two-fold reason Microsoft believes this new option is beneficial for you as a developer looking to promote your work.

First - your app will now be advertised on very high traffic sites which means more exposure and should result in higher app downloads. It means your app will be in front of millions of sets of eyeballs each day.

Second - by having your ad appear in a variety of channels that means your app has an opportunity to grow its user base because the advertising is not just targeting one property. Multiple venues for your ad means you will reach audiences that may have never seen your app otherwise.

Microsoft uses machine learning to create an algorithm that will get your app's ad in front of the right users so that your budget and results are much more effective. Of course, you will get feedback in the Developer Center so that you can re-target your ads as you see the results to get the maximum benefit from your ad budget.

If you want to use this new universal campaign the there are just to things to be aware of according to Microsoft:

All campaigns that use auto-targeting will be universal campaigns by default. To use auto-targeting, make sure Automatic is selected for the Audience section of your campaign settings in the Dev Center dashboard.

If you wish to create a manually targeted campaign, make sure you choose Universal for the Surface setting in the Audience section of your campaign.

Just head over to the Microsoft Developer Center and log in to get started.


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