XLeratorDB Adds Excel Functionality to SQL Server

Most end users are far more familiar with Excel’s features and functionality than they are with SQL Server. However, it can be a pain, and cause problems, for users to connect Excel to SQL Server or to export data from SQL Server to perform calculations on data using Excel. But a new product from WestClinTech called XLeratorDB helps you avoid these problems by letting users use functions similar to Excel’s directly in SQL Server.

"With XLeratorDB, I’d estimate that we’ve saved as much as 20-30 percent of total development time," says Jason Daniels, COO for Verde International.  "XLeratorDB is like having a team of developers creating and testing functionality that is directly translatable into features we can incorporate into our own products."

This product is actually a function library add-in for SQL Server, and its functions complement SQL Server’s native features. XLeratorDB includes six function packages: XLeratorDB/financial, XLeratorDB/math, XLeratorDB/convert, XLeratorDB/statistics, XLeratorDB/engineering, and XLeratorDB/strings. (Click here to see a complete list of XLeratorDB’s functions.) According to WestClinTech, XLeratorDB contains all of the most widely used Excel functions (e.g., IRR, XIRR), and its functions have been benchmarked against Excel.

XLeratorDB’s function packages start at $99. If you’re interested in trying these function packages, you can download free 15-day trial versions of them from here. To learn more about the benefit of this product, and what functions are include in its function packages, visit the WestClinTech website

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